To 2012 and new beginnings

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while now. But I never had enough time, or I was just making excuses… Nevermind, there’s the New Year and my five resolutions hanging on the wall:

First, be healthy and go to the gym three times a week on a no excuses policy. This one is a classic, especially after the holidays and all that feasts. I am not really sure why I put it down, but let’s go with it. So far, so good, three weeks in and I am keeping up.

Second, wake up early on weekdays. I got into that habit of working late at night and sleeping until noon. Don’t like it now, I feel like I am wasting time, so I will try and be a morning person…

Third, learn how to dance. This is a good one, I would like to learn how to dance the salsa and the cha-cha and all that. I got inspired by my lovely Colombian housemate last year so I will definitely give it a try.

Fourth, be open to new things – try new food, experience different cultures, travel… in other words stop being fussy about anything that’s out of my comfort zone. I need to grow, I need to learn new things (apart from all my PhD work)

And fifth, start a blog about my research and experiences as a PhD student. So here I am starting my blog, my own space for reflections and random thoughts.

New Year, five resolutions, lots of work to do on my studies… 2012 I am so ready for you!


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