The procrastination jar

Hello! I’m the procrastination jar 🙂

Meet my procrastination jar sitting on a pile of books on my desk. This is a new trick I’ll be trying out to keep me focused during my month of challenges. It’s a bit like a game and a learning exercise.

Every time I procrastinate I will write the reason for it and post it in my jar. In two weeks time I will get all the pieces of paper out and post the reasons on the blog. Hopefully, this will help me to identify what stops me from working and would also give me some ideas how to avoid procrastination or at least I will get to know myself and my working habits better.

I think I need the procrastination jar now more than ever having promised that I’ll have at least 2 hours worth writing sessions daily for my academic writing challenge and about an hour of exercise for the gym challenge. All of that on top of my fieldwork taking place three mornings a week!

Now, time to go back to work and do some final preparations for November – the month of challenges… Bring it on!



  1. That’s a really neat idea. I’d love to try it too, and I definitely have plenty of jar-like contraptions that would serve this purpose well. I can imagine about half of my slips of paper will say something along the lines of “started watching Youtube during lunch and didn’t stop until dinner”. 😀

    1. I stopped working from home because I would always end up watching series the whole day and even a to do list wouldn’t help. But it seems like I’m being really creative in procrastinating – now I’d end up browsing/writing a blog post or reading or searching articles just to put off writing… I hope this jar be helpul in finding out what it is that’s stopping me work and the bigger reasons behind it. I know of one, sometimes I’m terrified that my writing is not good enough so I’d rather not do it at all!

  2. You made me want to try it as well! But wouldn’t the hunt for an appropriate jar (or box on any kind) count as procrastination ?

    1. Good point! I didn’t hunt mine specifically, just saw it in the shop 10 minutes before closing time and that was it! the jar is not important, it’s the content that matters lol

  3. What a brilliant idea! May have to nick it (but I’m not sure I’d dare face the jar’s contents, never mind publish them!).

  4. You raise a good point. I often avoid writing because I am so critical of my own. This is important to identity early on in order to take steps in correcting it. Great post!

  5. I love it! Both the method and the fact that you plan to publish what’s in the jar.

    Will you also write about how it worked for you? I’d love to know.

  6. […] jar (as devised by Dimitrina Kaneva). Tell everyone that each time they get distracted they must write down what distracted them on a […]

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