A late progress post on #AcWriMo Week 2

I am late because sadly there are only 24 hours in the day!!! I wish there were a few more!

I have managed another week being super focussed on my academic writing and pursuing my monthly goals while doing fieldwork and other PhD business bits. To start with the positives, I have completed 12 writing session (I only write Mon-Fri) of 2 hours or more. I also keep a word count just for motivation. I am aware, though, that some days are better than others in terms of word count so I’m not too bothered about it as long as I’m moving forward.  According to my spreadsheet log, I have spent 37.5 hours writing and editing various pieces of work – my literature review, a paper and a bunch of case studies. The total word count so far is… 10 856 . Not bad actually!

This is the mid-point of the challenge with exactly 2 weeks left or 10 writing days. So I thought it’s a good time to recap on how things are going and review my goals as to what seems achievable by the end of the month.

Goals and reviews:

  • Redraft and update literature review chapter: Going well so far with substantial editing, restructuring and new words too! I wasn’t clear about the structure at the beginning as it all seemed a bit like a patchwork draft… However, I have spent quite a bit of time working on it so it now seems doable and structure-able to make sense to other people than me. Waiting on comments from supervisors!

Goal 1 review: Will be done by the end of #acwrimo, I have no doubts about this one!

  • Draft a paper: I have spent 2 sessions on this so far as I have been preoccupied with the literature review as it is due to be read by supervisors. However, I have managed to work on the structure and outline of the paper, I have also written up some of the sections and I have planned some more sessions.

Goal 2 review: I am aiming for a first draft of my paper, so it won’t be perfect or ready for submission. This is totally doable, I think!

  • Data analysis case studies: I have written 2 out of 6 so far, but I have a difficulty with this one as I have to be transcribing interviews in order to complete the case studies. If only there were 3 extra hours in the day…

Goal 3 review: Maybe 6 case studies was a bit ambitious and inconsiderate in terms of my other commitments. Therefore, I will try my best to get these done, but they won’t be a priority.

All in all, I feel like I’ve done well. I have been working around the decisions I shared in my Week 1 post – planning ahead, battling procrastination and sharing my daily progress on Twitter and Facebook were some of my strategies.

 I’ll keep going now to take full advantage of the momentum! Last 2 weeks of #acwrimo, here I go again!


A PS. regarding my two other challenges – I haven’t missed a single day’s workout, which totals to 18 gym classes/sessions so far! And I am coping all right with the sugar challenge – bye-bye unhealthy snacks and choco cravings! I’ll write about these experiments and the results soon.


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