Doctoral genres 1 – the upgrade/panel

This is a post by Ibrar Bhatt, a fellow PhD student at Leeds University. His blog can be found at:

Our initial idea was to write several posts about the different types of writing research students should master alongside the big thesis challenge. Here is the first one about the upgrade or as we call it in Manchester Uni. – the panel review.

Last but not least, congratulations to Ibrar for successfully passing his panel!

Enjoy reading 🙂

Ibrar's space

Been discussing with Dimi Kaneva ( about the idea of doing some posts on the different genres that a doctoral student needs to master. This is because we agreed that it’s not just about doing the thesis, writing papers, etc. but that a doctoral student should also write for non-academic audiences to ensure wider ‘impact’, engage in dissemination strategies, etc.

This first post is about the upgrade, or ‘transfer’, process. Timely since I just completed mine successfully 🙂

The document submitted as part of an upgrade or transfer process in a doctorate is a
particular genre of writing that is sometimes underplayed by doctoral students. As a genre, it represents, among other things, a cogent proposal of your doctorate, its potential implications, and the context of your study. When done effectively, it’s a great way to conceptualise your study: the what, why, how, and so what of it. It addresses…

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