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My thesis and I: attempting analysis

After I came back being 6 months away from my thesis, academia and all things University related, I felt refreshed and ready to go. I had gained momentum from working in an incredibly fast-paced and high pressure environment and I longed to bring an adaptation of this way of working to my PhD. Funny how […]

Initial stages of data analysis: Deep down in the pond of data

Doing a PhD is not easy, but it’s fun. And it’s all the small chats in the common room or the corridor that make us convinced that despite being buried somewhere in the piles of reading, data, writing, you name it, we are still on the right track. This post is the result of one […]

November: A month of challenges

Tomorrow is the 1st of November. Tomorrow is the day when I will embark on three challenges… I’m not sure how to describe my feelings right now as I am torn between immense excitement about what’s coming and fear that I may fail. I have been thinking about setting a 30 day challenge for quite a while, […]

On the importance of holidays

Here is the new term at university beginning in a week time and here I am back on my desk reminiscing about my well deserved holiday and the impact it has already had on my motivation and productivity…  It does feel like this is the time of the year to look back at what went […]

Some thoughts on study groups and theoretical frameworks

I am currently running a study group with a few fellow PhD students at my university. It’s nice and refreshing to see other people while working on a PhD project in solitude most of the time. And this is different from the people one meets at conferences, workshops and so forth. Having a bunch of […]