D. Kaneva (2013) ‘I get to be who I want to be’: Choices in primary to secondary school transition. Presentation at CERES Conference 2013: Racism and Anti-Racism through Education and Community Practice: An International Exchange, 26th—28th June 2013 Centre for Education for Racial Equality in Scotland, University of Edinburgh, UK. Abstract here

D. Kaneva (2013) Transition issues for pupils with English as an additonal language. Presentation at Research Matters Seminar Series, School of Education, University of Manchester.

D. Kaneva (2012) Creative research methods: Exploring children’s experiences and engagement in primary-secondary school transition. Poster at Agency Conference 2012, 11-12 June 2012, Cambridge University. Abstract here

D. Kaneva (2012) Creative methods for data generation: Learning walks. Presentation at Salford Postgraduate Annual Research Conference (SPARC), 30-31 May Salford University, Manchester. Abstract here

D. Kaneva (2012) Creative research methods. Presentation for PGCE Secondary students at University of Manchester, January 2012

D. Kaneva (2009, 2010) Responding to diversity – the needs of students with English as an additional language. Workshops delivered at Diversity Conference for BA Primary Education, Canterbury Christ Church University. Brief: The workshops looked at research of successful inclusion of students with EAL in two primary schools in the South East of England. A brief overview of the context of EAL teaching and learning in england was provided and then extended to look into practice in schools. The workshops concluded with interactive problem-solving tasks into the organisation of learning for children with EAL.


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