Here I am back in my office after a long, yet increadibly inspiring day at the UKLA National Conference 2013. My thoughts are spinning with the speed of light and I am having so many debates with myself that it becomes hard to think. This is why I decided to lay them out briefly here. […]

The second post in the Doctoral Genres writing series with Ibrar Bhatt ( will be on abstracts for conferences as these is an integral part of the professional development of PhD students. I chose this topic as I have been working on several abstracts in the past couple of months so I wanted to share my […]

I certainly feel stuck with my academic writing every once in a while. Who doesn’t? I also feel stuck with any other writing – applications forms, difficult emails, reports, you name it. We have all been there… However, yesterday I heard of an interesting trick to unblock. I felt I was going in circles in my […]

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Been discussing with Dimi Kaneva ( about the idea of doing some posts on the different genres that a doctoral student needs to master. This is because we agreed that it’s not just about doing the thesis, writing papers, etc. but that a doctoral student should also write for…

An online course takes between 4 and 10 weeks to complete on average and comes in weekly modules with some reading, videos, notes and options for discussion. In addition to this, there are quizzes and assignments! Did I sell it to you? Well, I certainly got even more interested.

I just taught a session on EAL (English as an additional language for those who are not in the field 🙂 ) focusing on strategies to improve the learning experiences of children and make them feel more included in the class. Since I planned the session as highly practical and engaging, I decided to ask the […]

It’s the middle of January, actually, even past the middle… and to be honest I have no idea when the last two three (by now!) week  have gone. Maybe it was between the pile of books on my desk, the 5,000 words report I wrote, the school visits, my birthday (a year wiser!) and all the little distractions in between, […]

It’s the last work day of this year. The New Year will be here just next week and I couldn’t be any more excited about it as I’ve been daydreaming about what’s in stock for me in 2013. I’ve also been thinking about the past year and what I have achieved so far. In rewind 2012 wasn’t […]

As a PhD student half way through the hustle and bustle of postgraduate matters, I can tell I have been through a steep learning curve. I have been constantly exploring and shifting my working habits to find a better way of dealing with the reading, writing and researching demands. Read on to find out about the way I work that To Do list now…

I am writing this post as I am finally relieved about my #acwrimo progress having put an end to the challenge. I thought it would be useful to think about what went well and what felt more like a disaster during this last month. I have undeniably learnt quite a few lessons, but also worked on […]