Centre for Social Action, Cabinet Office Government Innovation Group

Role: Policy Advisor

ESRC sponsored internship with the Cabinet Office Government Innovation Group. I worked on cutting-edge policy at the Centre for Social Action, a flagship £36m programme aiming increase social action opportunities and take-up to improve social impact and benefit particular sections of society.


Vision for science and mathematics education

Role: Research Assistant

This project aims to set out a vision for how the UK can develop an inspiring and high performing science and mathematics education system over the next 15—20 years.  The Royal Society commissioned a set of reviews of the current landscape across a number of key areas which influence or are integral to education and young people. More details will be announced upon publication of the reports in 2014.

Coalition of Research Schools (CRS)

Role: Research Assistant

The CRS consists of ten outstanding schools which are likely to become training schools. Each of the schools is planning and carrying out an inquiry based on school improvement. The schools are supported by a team of senior academics and PhD students at the University of Manchester. The idea behind the CRS is that excellent schools are constantly seeking areas for improvement and challenging their comfort zones.


Leading Partners in EAL (funded by the TDA)

Role: Research Assistant

A short term project looking into ways of improving teacher training programmes in terms of raising awareness about the education of children who have English as an additional language (EAL) and compiling a resource bank to be accessed by both teachers and teacher trainees.

Stockborough* Equity Research Network (SERN)

Role: Research Assistant

A five year project based around the idea of teacher led inquiry focusing on ways of working that can create a greater sense of equity in particular school contexts. This approach has been particularly successful in challenging thinking and practice within individual schools and enabling them to improve their ways of being and doing.

Ainscow, M., Dyson, A., Goldrick, S., West, M. (2012) Developing Equitable Education Systems. London: Routledge

* Stockborough is a pseudonym used in the book based on this research project and published in 2012. I have chosen to use this over the real name of the area to protect the identities of the schools, students and teachers who were involved in the project.


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