• Kaneva, D. (2012) Teaching and learning in diverse school contexts: the journeys of three newly-arrived students. In D. Mallows (Ed.) Innovations in English language teaching for migrants and refugees (p. 49-63). London: British Council Innovation Series. IsBn 978-0-86355-701-9


  • Kanev, K., Barneva, R.P., Brimkov, V. E., Kaneva, D. (2009) Interactive Printouts Integrating Multilingual Multimedia and Sign Language Electronic Resources. Journal of Educational Technology Systems. Vol. 38 (2), p.123-143.

Abstract: In this article we outline our previous implementations of multilingual multimedia dictionaries and discuss possibilities for adding new functionalities  and expanding their coverage. Independently developed sign language dictionary resources are further explored and considered for inclusion in an integrated multilingual multimedia dictionary with video support. Print-based interfaces for direct access to digital content are implemented and a novel concept for dynamic linking to printed documents based on mapping of printed and digital content is proposed. Printed texts in different languages and language independent images are used as interface components for addressing diverse multimedia content including sign language and lip reading multimedia resources. Finally, enabling learning and its social dimensions are discussed in the context of the contemporary technological advancements and innovative educational methods and approaches.


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