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Initial stages of data analysis: Deep down in the pond of data

Doing a PhD is not easy, but it’s fun. And it’s all the small chats in the common room or the corridor that make us convinced that despite being buried somewhere in the piles of reading, data, writing, you name it, we are still on the right track. This post is the result of one […]

PhD experiences: Something that’s been missing

An online course takes between 4 and 10 weeks to complete on average and comes in weekly modules with some reading, videos, notes and options for discussion. In addition to this, there are quizzes and assignments! Did I sell it to you? Well, I certainly got even more interested.

A list of resolutions for 2013

It’s the middle of January, actually, even past the middle… and to be honest I have no idea when the last two three (by now!) week  have gone. Maybe it was between the pile of books on my desk, the 5,000 words report I wrote, the school visits, my birthday (a year wiser!) and all the little distractions in between, […]

Like all good things, #AcWriMo comes to an end

I am writing this post as I am finally relieved about my #acwrimo progress having put an end to the challenge. I thought it would be useful to think about what went well and what felt more like a disaster during this last month. I have undeniably learnt quite a few lessons, but also worked on […]

Survival guide for the first week of #AcWriMo

It has been 9 days since I embarked on the academic writing challenge known as #acwrimo. I have been writing all workdays and duly publishing my progress on the spreadsheet. Today though is the first day when I can’t possibly bring myself to work on my #acrwimo goals. I know why that is… Firstly, writing is a […]

The procrastination jar

Meet my procrastination jar sitting on a pile of books on my desk. This is a new trick I’ll be trying out to keep me focused during my month of challenges. It’s a bit like a game and a learning exercise. Every time I procrastinate I will write the reason for it and post it […]

November: A month of challenges

Tomorrow is the 1st of November. Tomorrow is the day when I will embark on three challenges… I’m not sure how to describe my feelings right now as I am torn between immense excitement about what’s coming and fear that I may fail. I have been thinking about setting a 30 day challenge for quite a while, […]

Manchester Enterprise School 2012 – Day 2 – Market research

 Here’s my ramblings from the second day of the Enterprise School at the Lake District… It’s been almost a month since that day and unfortunately I have lost my notes somewhere on the train so I’ll have to rely on my memories which are fading… But I’ll have a go at it. The day began […]

Manchester Enterprise School 2012 – Day 1 – Setting the scene

I am sitting in my hotel room after the first day of Manchester Enterprise School (MES) and reflecting on my experiences while they are still fresh. I am kind of getting myself through the different emotions that shook me off my feet today. I’ll start in rewind… we finished the day by talking about our […]

Manchester Enterprise School 2012

I have just been back from Keswick in the beautiful Lake District where I spent 4 days on a business and enterprise training. The next few posts will outline my learning curve and development of transferable skills along with reflections on the process. Enjoy reading and let me know of your thoughts in the comments […]