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Thoughts and ramblings inspired by UKLA National Conference 2013 (Part 1)

Here I am back in my office after a long, yet increadibly inspiring day at the UKLA National Conference 2013. My thoughts are spinning with the speed of light and I am having so many debates with myself that it becomes hard to think. This is why I decided to lay them out briefly here. […]

Doctoral genres 2 – abstracts

The second post in the Doctoral Genres writing series with Ibrar Bhatt (http://ibrarspace.net) will be on abstracts for conferences as these is an integral part of the professional development of PhD students. I chose this topic as I have been working on several abstracts in the past couple of months so I wanted to share my […]

On student-led peer review

Reflections on the process of peer reviewing posters for a student-led conference – One of the three steps I set for myself was to get my poster peer-reviewed and I was fortunate enough that the conference organisers gave us the opportunity to do so with students attending the event. We were all going to present our posters in groups of three so each member of the group had to review two other posters. I found this a very enriching exercise. I got to see the posters of other people, which brought a sense of relief that my own poster ‘wasn’t that bad after all’. Read on to find out more!

Academic posters: my very first experience

I might be rushing into this, but I am just extremely eager to share my experiences of creating a poster right now until they are fresh and accompanied with a mild headache. I did spend the last 2 weeks thinking about my poster for the Agency Conference taking place in Cambridge in June. However, the […]

Upcoming conference paper – SPARC 2012

My first ever conference paper has been accepted! Last month I submitted an abstract for the Salford Postgraduate Annual Research Conference (SPARC 2012) and well… I was delighted that it was accepted. The conference will be taking place on the 30 and 31 May at University of Salford, Manchester. I will be presenting a paper […]