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To Do lists in reverse

I was recently asked whether I am at the stage of my PhD when I just write every day. I said yes, I wake up and write, read a bit and write some more. Every day (sigh). It’s sounds more dramatic than it is. Coming towards the end of my PhD I am finally at a point […]

Final year ramblings, a conference and ceilidh

Time flies. In the final year of a PhD it flies faster… ‘Time flies when you’re having fun’ goes the saying, so logically I must be having fun, right? I recently attended the ESRC Final Year Conference hosted by the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science in lovely Edinburgh. It was marked by glorious weather […]

My thesis and I: attempting analysis

After I came back being 6 months away from my thesis, academia and all things University related, I felt refreshed and ready to go. I had gained momentum from working in an incredibly fast-paced and high pressure environment and I longed to bring an adaptation of this way of working to my PhD. Funny how […]