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On student-led peer review

Reflections on the process of peer reviewing posters for a student-led conference – One of the three steps I set for myself was to get my poster peer-reviewed and I was fortunate enough that the conference organisers gave us the opportunity to do so with students attending the event. We were all going to present our posters in groups of three so each member of the group had to review two other posters. I found this a very enriching exercise. I got to see the posters of other people, which brought a sense of relief that my own poster ‘wasn’t that bad after all’. Read on to find out more!


Some thoughts on study groups and theoretical frameworks

I am currently running a study group with a few fellow PhD students at my university. It’s nice and refreshing to see other people while working on a PhD project in solitude most of the time. And this is different from the people one meets at conferences, workshops and so forth. Having a bunch of […]