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Recap on To Do lists and setting SMART goals

As a PhD student half way through the hustle and bustle of postgraduate matters, I can tell I have been through a steep learning curve. I have been constantly exploring and shifting my working habits to find a better way of dealing with the reading, writing and researching demands. Read on to find out about the way I work that To Do list now…


A late progress post on #AcWriMo Week 2

I am late because sadly there are only 24 hours in the day!!! I wish there were a few more! I have managed another week being super focussed on my academic writing and pursuing my monthly goals while doing fieldwork and other PhD business bits. To start with the positives, I have completed 12 writing […]

November: A month of challenges

Tomorrow is the 1st of November. Tomorrow is the day when I will embark on three challenges… I’m not sure how to describe my feelings right now as I am torn between immense excitement about what’s coming and fear that I may fail. I have been thinking about setting a 30 day challenge for quite a while, […]

Beginning of term

Is the beginning of term a good time to panic and freak out?! I think it is… If nothing else, it’s an opportunity to sit down, think about what needs doing, plan and do before it gets too late. I’d rather panic now while I have time to sort myself than close to the end […]

Stakeholders, issues and strategies

Transition from primary to secondary school of children learning EAL project: Stakeholders, issues and strategies As part of the ESRC NWDTC Research Impact Training Day I was given an exercise to think about the stakeholders, issues and strategies to address the issues in my research. After identifying the stakeholders, I had to do a little […]

A post inspired by a Sunday batch of muffins

Here’s a thought: baking and doing a PhD couldn’t be more alike… It’s about following a path and taking it step by step. I made a batch of muffins yesterday and the process of making decisions what flavours to put in and how to mix the batter got me thinking. I started off with a […]

Writing days promise

Right, my intention to fix two writing days per week does not seem to be productive. I have been more focused on checking emails, reading and complaining about stuff rather than actually writing. While still being in the mood of keeping promises and getting things done step by step, I will try a slightly different […]

Starting a Doctorate (Revisited)

I was clearing my laptop document store yesterday and I found something very interesting there. Considering that I am the kind of person who clings on every little thing and thinks it through over and over, I am honestly surprised how quickly I can forget and move on sometimes, especially when the events have been […]

Beating procrastination

Nobody doing a PhD will find this surprising, but I need to spell it out for myself… I am procrastinating, big time. I was supposed to have a written report outlining my progress in terms of my theoretical framework for my supervision meeting yesterday. But I didn’t bring myself to do it. I had some […]