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The procrastination jar speaks…

As promised, here is the content of my procrastination jar accumulated over the past 10 days. Initially I thought I would reveal it after two weeks into the writing challenge of #acwrimo, but thinking about it I realised it was better to reflect on my little procrastination demons now. This way I have a better chance […]

The procrastination jar

Meet my procrastination jar sitting on a pile of books on my desk. This is a new trick I’ll be trying out to keep me focused during my month of challenges. It’s a bit like a game and a learning exercise. Every time I procrastinate I will write the reason for it and post it […]

On the importance of holidays

Here is the new term at university beginning in a week time and here I am back on my desk reminiscing about my well deserved holiday and the impact it has already had on my motivation and productivity…  It does feel like this is the time of the year to look back at what went […]

Shut up and write – works for me!

A post on The Thesis Whisperer inspired me to try something new and fresh in order to improve my commitment to and experience of writing for my PhD. As I have been struggling to put down words on paper lately, ‘Shut up and write’ seemed like something I could do, following the idea of meeting […]

Writing days promise

Right, my intention to fix two writing days per week does not seem to be productive. I have been more focused on checking emails, reading and complaining about stuff rather than actually writing. While still being in the mood of keeping promises and getting things done step by step, I will try a slightly different […]

Beating procrastination

Nobody doing a PhD will find this surprising, but I need to spell it out for myself… I am procrastinating, big time. I was supposed to have a written report outlining my progress in terms of my theoretical framework for my supervision meeting yesterday. But I didn’t bring myself to do it. I had some […]