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2012 in review

It’s the last work day of this year. The New Year will be here just next week and I couldn’t be any more excited about it as I’ve been daydreaming about what’s in stock for me in 2013. I’ve also been thinking about the past year and what I have achieved so far. In rewind 2012 wasn’t […]

Recap on To Do lists and setting SMART goals

As a PhD student half way through the hustle and bustle of postgraduate matters, I can tell I have been through a steep learning curve. I have been constantly exploring and shifting my working habits to find a better way of dealing with the reading, writing and researching demands. Read on to find out about the way I work that To Do list now…

Like all good things, #AcWriMo comes to an end

I am writing this post as I am finally relieved about my #acwrimo progress having put an end to the challenge. I thought it would be useful to think about what went well and what felt more like a disaster during this last month. I have undeniably learnt quite a few lessons, but also worked on […]

Crazy months behind my back or how not to write a book chapter…

For the past few months I have been working on a paper for an edited book and now that the final version has been edited and submitted for publication, I feel that I can finally talk about it. Reflecting on past experiences is always nice, it makes my mistakes more visible and is supposed to […]

Manchester Enterprise School 2012 – Days 3+4 – Business plans and pitching the ideas

This is the final post about Manchester Enterprise School 2012 and my business training. I have put the last two days together as they kind of flow nicely – from developing and actually working on the idea, the business plan and finances to presenting it to the Panel. In these last two days the pressure started building […]

Manchester Enterprise School 2012 – Day 1 – Setting the scene

I am sitting in my hotel room after the first day of Manchester Enterprise School (MES) and reflecting on my experiences while they are still fresh. I am kind of getting myself through the different emotions that shook me off my feet today. I’ll start in rewind… we finished the day by talking about our […]

Fieldwork bliss! Building relationships with participants

I wasn’t really sure what to write about in the past few weeks as I thought nothing interesting was happening, but I just thought that’s naive. I got things going on – writing a book chapter, preparing for a conference, summer school training… and most importantly – fieldwork! Thinking back, I have always been excited […]

I am bilingual

I have meant to talk about bilingualism and the experiences of living with two languages for a while. I have felt a bit more motivated by the fact that I have to develop very real and trustworthy relationships with my research participants who are all bilingual and multilingual. The fact that I am in a similar position using two different languages on a daily basis is an enormous advantage for making that special connection. I know what they are going through as I have experienced it myself – all the ups and downs, making conscious and not so conscious choices about what language to use, trying to remember words and phrases, having it all in context…

Stakeholders, issues and strategies

Transition from primary to secondary school of children learning EAL project: Stakeholders, issues and strategies As part of the ESRC NWDTC Research Impact Training Day I was given an exercise to think about the stakeholders, issues and strategies to address the issues in my research. After identifying the stakeholders, I had to do a little […]

On public speaking and facing big audiences

I used to consider public speaking as terrifying and I was the girl who would panic and stutter and seem to not know what she’s talking about… I used to be scared that I am not knowledgeable enough to speak to a big audience and that I will make a mistake and people will laugh […]