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Time spent learning and quality: a curious combination

This post is partly ispired by Mr Michael Gove’s recent suggestions to increase the number of hours children spend at school and reduce their holidays in order to improve learning. The original article can be found here. The idea about time and quality prompted me to think in two directions: my own school experiences and the hours I used […]

November: A month of challenges

Tomorrow is the 1st of November. Tomorrow is the day when I will embark on three challenges… I’m not sure how to describe my feelings right now as I am torn between immense excitement about what’s coming and fear that I may fail. I have been thinking about setting a 30 day challenge for quite a while, […]

Stakeholders, issues and strategies

Transition from primary to secondary school of children learning EAL project: Stakeholders, issues and strategies As part of the ESRC NWDTC Research Impact Training Day I was given an exercise to think about the stakeholders, issues and strategies to address the issues in my research. After identifying the stakeholders, I had to do a little […]