Writing days

Right, my intention to fix two writing days per week does not seem to be productive. I have been more focused on checking emails, reading and complaining about stuff rather than actually writing. While still being in the mood of keeping promises and getting things done step by step, I will try a slightly different approach. Public (blog) accountability is what I will call it.

Starting this week, I will include a brief overview of my writing progress. It could be a word count, a summary, reflection, but I will commit to putting it out there…

Just to acknowledge that this idea is not my own, a member of the library staff suggested it during a presentation about using social media in postgraduate research. It sounds doable and it seems to be something I could write about, but most importantly I will have to stick to my plans and make no excuses.




28 March 2012, Wednesday

Editing my funding proposal – restructuring some aspects of the theoretical framework to demonstrate the complementing aspects of Bernstein’s classroom discourse and Bourdieu’s field and habitus concepts; cutting down the text to the required 1500 word limit… This last bit was quite hard as I was some 50 words over and it didn’t seem like I could cut anything.

Lesson of the day: Rewriting and editing a text could be really demanding especially when it has been developed over a long period of time. To be honest, at times during my writing day I felt like the proposal didn’t make sense anymore. I am happy now that I have moved on from it and really feel like I have accomplished a higher level of writing and conceptualising.


28 May 2012, Monday

It has been two months since I last wrote here, just thinking about it makes me shudder. It’s not that I haven’t done any writing, but I just never found the time to reflect on it and jot down some blog notes about it.

Today I worked on my conference poster – a brief but sweet session – I managed to finally come up with a decent draft of the text which might work. I have to say it takes more time that I would have thought…

Lesson of the day: Posters should be planned well in advance and preferably the text should be checked with an impartial working partner to make sure it makes sense to non-specialist audiences. 


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