I attended a PhD coaching workshop with Will Medd last week as another excuse to distract myself from writing my thesis on the one hand, but also to learn a bit more about techniques that are likely to help me in the long run, on the other hand. The day turned out to be highly motivating […]

This post is dedicated to my involvement with organising the Annual PGR Conference at my School. I took part in the organising activities in 2013 and 2014 with different teams and wanted to share some of my reasons and learning from organising such a big event. I will not focus on the content of the conference as […]

I was recently asked whether I am at the stage of my PhD when I just write every day. I said yes, I wake up and write, read a bit and write some more. Every day (sigh). It’s sounds more dramatic than it is. Coming towards the end of my PhD I am finally at a point […]

Time flies. In the final year of a PhD it flies faster… ‘Time flies when you’re having fun’ goes the saying, so logically I must be having fun, right? I recently attended the ESRC Final Year Conference hosted by the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science in lovely Edinburgh. It was marked by glorious weather […]

I wrote this post for the North West DTC after I completed my internship at the end of last year.  ‘I have recently completed a 6 month ESRC internship with the Cabinet Office Government Innovation Group. I came across the internships accidentally and at first I didn’t find any area relevant to my PhD or immediate research […]

After I came back being 6 months away from my thesis, academia and all things University related, I felt refreshed and ready to go. I had gained momentum from working in an incredibly fast-paced and high pressure environment and I longed to bring an adaptation of this way of working to my PhD. Funny how […]

Several months ago I embarked on a challenge to explore the wide world outside the University. As a result I somehow abandoned my blog. It was not intended but I was quickly absorbed by new experiences and found myself with very little spare time. Not that I didn’t have writing ideas and urges, I did […]

Doing a PhD is not easy, but it’s fun. And it’s all the small chats in the common room or the corridor that make us convinced that despite being buried somewhere in the piles of reading, data, writing, you name it, we are still on the right track. This post is the result of one […]

Recently I attended a British Council seminar with Dr Martin Lamb exploring the qualities and practice of inspiring teachers, and English language teachers in Indonesia and China in particular. The talk was incredibly interesting not only because of my fascination with everything to do with teaching and learning English, but because I got that extra little […]

This post is partly ispired by Mr Michael Gove’s recent suggestions to increase the number of hours children spend at school and reduce their holidays in order to improve learning. The original article can be found here. The idea about time and quality prompted me to think in two directions: my own school experiences and the hours I used […]